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Edged Impact Weapon Systems

DCAPS delivers global  Program Management Solutions in Training, Support, and Operations Programs to Military, Corporate, and Government clientele through Consultancy and Professional Service mediums.

"DCAPS provides a unique and holistic training system for molding the 21st century warrior mindset/skill-sets using 16th century warrior weapons and tactics."  For most Militaries, Corporate, and Private Security, Government Agencies, and even the common man today in the US and abroad, the "Warrior" has become complacent by the use of technology in terms of true combative skills.  Being able to stand off from an enemy or advisory by the use of weapons has always been the dream and goal of primitive warriors, thus saving many lives. 

When the stand-off distance (gap) closes within feet or inches? Ask your organization one question, "Does my Corporate/Private Sector Security Element, Military Front Line Operator, or Government Agent, possess the 
0"-3 Meter Weaponry Range skills that are necessary in close range encounters to provide the appropriate level of protection and/or offensive delivery in support of your national security?"

For further information, please view the following Service Line Cards supporting TSOP-03 Edged Impact Weapon Systems:

  • Module 1: Edged Weapons.

  • Module 2: Impact Weapons.

  • Module 3, Weapons Transitioning.

  • Module 4, Weapons of Opportunity





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