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DCAPS Global Specialized Tactics

Global Specialized Tactics  (TSOP-03)

DCAPS delivers Global Specialized Tactics in Training, Support, and Operations Programs to Military, Corporate, and Government clientele through Consultancy and Professional Service mediums.

DCAPS Globalized Special Tactics (TSOP-03) is a program modeled after US and Coalition Special Operations Tactical skill-sets. Using our prior training and experience and reach back into the veteran community, we provide support for government, military and private industries that have a need for continued Specialized Tactics support and solutions in order to facilitate and enhance their Training, Support, or Operational requirements. Although Tactics is a broad term, DCAPS focus is on the infiltration/ex-filtration, insertion/extraction skill-sets from Small Unit Tactics, whether Offensive, Defensive, or Deceptive in nature. These skill-sets can be utilized by our clientele to observe, assess, and record the metrics of their elite military, corporate, and/or government teams by utilization of our elite DCAPS opposition forces. DCAPS is dedicated to providing the highest quality personnel and capabilities available in the industry utilizing battlefield proven tactics, techniques, and procedures, as well as lessons learned.

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