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DCAPS Corporate, Military, and Government Consultancy

How We Deliver Our Services

“DCAPS channels our TSOP Programs through Consultancy mediums, around the world;”

Consultancy Delivery

Determinative Consulting Associates provides a pool of talent that can be quickly mobilized as required, giving the client access to the experience and methodologies of a teaming effort, rather than an individual. Our Consultants deliver unique Training, Support, and Operational functions performed by a careful selection of military, corporate, and government experts. DCAPS possesses Consultants and Professional Service Providers based on specialty skill sets, past performance, knowledge, reputation, ethics, creativity, and most of all, “Determination”.

DCAPS delivers Training, Support, and Operational Programs through Internal and External Management Consultancy.  Our objective is to improve clientele’s performance, primarily through the analysis of existing organizational process and implement of plans for improvement.

DCAPS also provides organizational Change Management assistance, technology implementation, strategy development, and operational improvement services. DCAPS brings proprietary methodologies and processes to observe, assess, and to serve as the basis for recommendations for more effective or efficient ways of performing Training, Support, and Operational work tasks.

The overall impact of a DCAPS Consultant:

  • Access to Top Level Consultants with deeper levels of military, corporate and government expertise.

  • Consultant analysis and evaluations resulting in Program and Organizational Process Efficiency.

  • Cost Savings on feasibility of retaining manpower in-house.

  • Positive Return of Investment to your Organization and Program end-states.

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