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DCAPS Joint Fires Solutions

Joint Fires Solutions (TSOP 05)

DCAPS delivers global Joint Fires Solutions in Training, Support, and Operations Programs to Military, Corporate, and Government clientele through Consultancy and Professional Service mediums.

DCAPS Joint Fires (TSOP-05) improves the synchronization, integration, interoperability and effectiveness of global Joint Fires. Our priority is to provide Training, Support, and Operational assistance to a Joint Forces Command or Commander in planning, coordinating, and executing Joint Fires at the tactical and operational levels. DCAPS provides solutions that produce effective target acquisition, command and control, and interoperable firing systems to meet an end-state in reducing fratricide and collateral damage. Our main philosophy is to train personnel in a joint environment with integrated fires platforms. The priorities of move, communicate, and shoot is our methodology of process in order for our end users to operate while simultaneous providing effective fire support.

For further information, please click links below & view the following Service Line Cards supporting TSOP-05 Joint Fires Solutions:

 •   Joint Fires Command and Control Services

 •   Joint Fires Planning and Execution Services


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