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DCAPS Product Delivery Solutions

Product Delivery Solutions (TSOP-09)

DCAPS delivers global Product Delivery Solutions for Industry and Teaming Partners in Training, Support, and Operations Programs to our Military, Corporate, and Government clientele through Consultancy and Professional Service mediums.

DCAPS is primarily a “service-based” company.  While DCAPS focus provides the best quality in Training, Support, and Operations Programs, we have the most opportune time to deliver industry’s products to clientele. Due to our existing and solidified relation with the Military, Corporate, and Government clientele, it would be advantageous for any Industry in the “Product-Based-Business” or “Distribution Services” to seek out and form a teaming arrangement with DCAPS.  DCAPS encourages Joint Business Efforts in-turn the client; more specifically the “end-user” reaps the benefits of a best quality product.

For further information, please view the following Service Line Cards supporting TSOP-09 Product Delivery Solutions:





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