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DCAPS Research and Development Solutions

Research and Development Solutions (TSOP-11)

DCAPS delivers global Research and Development Solutions in Training, Support, and Operations Programs to our Military, Corporate, and Government clientele through Consultancy and Professional Service mediums.

DCAPS provides internal and external Research and Development Solutions (RADS). Our internal RADS primarily focus on the operational end-state of our Military, Corporate, and Government Clients.  Currently, DCAPS is working on an internal RADS projected to be unveiled in the 1st quarter of 2013. This internal project supports the Global Training of all clientele, and will enhance all operational skill-sets and professions. Our external RADS support the phase-lines of initial and/or existing Military, Corporate, and Government projects and programs.

For further information, please view the following Service Line Cards supporting TSOP-11 Research and Development Solutions:

   External RADS

   Internal RADS (MODEST - Releasing in 1st Quarter 2013)




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