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Training Support Operations Programs

Aviation Support Solutions
 Aviation Surveying Services
     Terminal Control Services
     Other Aviation Services

Business Process Management
 Business Process Development
     Business Process Re-engineering
     E-Process Solutions

Global Specialized Tactics
 Insertion & Extraction Skill Sets
     Elite Opposition Forces Services
     Counter Cyber Threat Services
     Edged Impact Weapons System

Joint Exercise Planning
 Exercise Design, Planning & Execution
     Observation, Data Collection, AAR Services
     Information Technology Integration Services
     On-site Support Services

Joint Fires Solutions
  Joint Fires Command & Control Services
     Joint Fires Planning & Execution Services
Joint Terminal Attack Control Services
 JTAC Professional Services
     Initial Training Services
     Advance Perishable Skills
     JTAC and FAC(A) Integration
     JIFI Operational Solutions
 (JTAC, ISR, FAC(A), Integration)

Maritime Support Solutions
 Water Confidence Services
     SCUBA Services
     Other Maritime Services

Personnel Recovery Solutions
  Personnel Recovery Command & Control
     Personnel Recovery Planning & Execution

Product Delivery Solutions
   Managed Service Providers
     Supply Chain Management Assurance
Global Transport Services
Program Management Solutions
  Project Management Services
     Industrial Engineering Services
     Systems Engineering Services

Research and Development Solutions
  External RADS
     Internal RADS

Risk Management & Mitigation
 Identification & Assessment Services
     Operational Risk Management Services
     Prioritization & Method Services

Test and Evaluation Solutions
 Service System Interoperability Assessment
     Evaluate Technical & Operational Concept
     Validate Testing Methodologies

Unmanned Systems Applications

     Unmanned Aircraft Systems
     Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS)
     Unmanned Surface Systems
     Unmanned Sub-surface Systems

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